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Christiana Roverso Portfolio

Also known as MC Versoul, formerly known as Babii Cris

My name is Christiana Roverso and am a Queer mixed woman of color who was born in San Francisco, California. My artist name is Versoul and I am a rapper, music producer, videographer and community organizer. My life mission is using my music and visual skills to tell my story and amplify the voices of people of color who each have a unique story to tell. It is my mission to inspire change, and dismantle false narratives that perpetuate inequality and disadvantage. My family and I have experienced negative impacts from stigmas and discrimination that came from being mixed race and lower-class. I witnessed what these stigmas did to our physical and mental health. Through my life and career I learned that people need examples from others who they can identify with, to share their story and find the power within their voice to heal their trauma and correct false narratives. When someone has a chance to tell their story to someone who can take them serious, and who truly cares, that helps them recognize the leader in themselves and to believe in themselves which leads to their individual development, growth and motivation for success, good health and healthy habits to improve their life and well being. Storytelling is critical to our survival as humans and improving worldwide and community compassion, empathy and support networks for our youth, who hold the key to our future. When we give youth the light and uplift their voice, they stand in their power and free themselves of years of generational trauma and can truly move forward to making a better life for themselves and others. My work is about improving the livelihood of the most vulnerable and showing care & humanity to others who aren't fully represented in order to create a ripple effect of positive change around the world. It is my duty to lift the people up to ensure a future of compassion and lasting positive impact and change.


"Love" is a song I wrote to express my journey of learning to love myself despite my depression. In this song, I explore the struggles that I have faced with depression and anxiety. I want to inspire others to embrace all of their feelings and emotions and to not treat themselves badly. This song is meant to be an anthem for self-love, and I hope it can help others to feel empowered and to remember that they have the strength to overcome anything.

My debut single, “Remember to Feel” speaks to my mixed heritage and to all the women in my life who have been a source of strength and hope. It’s an anthem for women around the world who sacrifice so much for their families and communities. The song celebrates the power of women and the resilience and courage they demonstrate every day.

"Better" is a heartfelt exploration of what it means to be struggling and not know what to do. It's a raw and honest look at how difficult it can be to talk about our feelings when we were raised to suppress them. Through this song I was able to connect with my emotions and find creative strength. I hope that when others listen to it, they can also find solace and understanding of their own feelings.

Sacrifice is a song about the struggles of poverty, homelessness, and the youth. It was written to bring awareness to the fact that many people have to make sacrifices on a daily basis in order to survive. The song was written to give a voice to those who don’t often have one and to help inspire change.

My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper is a song about a young woman named Delilah who lost her life to a drug overdose, and her sister, Dizzy, opening up about how Delilah's struggle and passing has impacted her and her life. It is really important to be able to hear these stories from not only the news or other sources, but by actual family members who know the core of their departed loved one, and not just associate their life with drugs and death, because there is always so much more to a story than the headlines. The way I filmed & the video was to highlight and emphasize the humanity in this experience, the feelings, emotions and most especially, the lyrics and words from Dizzy, about her beloved sister Delilah.

Women's Group

"the women's group taught me that not everyone is gonna hurt me and that they really wanna know what's going on..." this is a quote from a youth named Jaz, who was part of the Women's Group at Beats Rhymes and Life, Hip-Hop Therapy non-profit organization. In this video, it was really important to capture the youth's voices on how the Women's Group has impacted their lives as young women of color. There are so many adversities our youth face especially youth of color in marginalized communities where resources like, the Women's Group are scarce, if at all present. These youth need adults who care and who are invested in their growth, development and in learning their stories, so they can become the next leaders in their life, and in their community.

Agua De Esclave "Water of the Slave"

Known as the Middle Passage African Slave Trade, from the 1500's to 1800's, millions of Africans were forcefully taken across the ocean in horrible conditions, many dying at sea. The chorus to this song translates to: "tell me young Black Woman, you know. You know of the ocean and the pain" The lyrics powerful as it tells the painful story, of the relationship between African Slaves and the the ocean. While the music cannot change these horrible events in history, it can help transform trauma into a beautiful opportunity to educate others about history and provide a creative outlet for expression and healing. The stories of African Slaves and the abuse they had to endure from White Supremacy and all systems of oppression, will never be forgotten.

Performance Reel

This is a performance reel that showcases my dedication and love for my community and performing my music to connect, engage and build with my people. Through out my career I have had many youth and adults tell me how I inspire them as an independent artist who is vulnerable and authentic through their music. My music has helped to empower and inspire others to take charge of their own life and story. I remember what it was like to be a young girl of color, who never thought she could ever be on stage or be in front of the mic, I am so honored to get the opportunity to now be that example for other young girls who may not only look like me, but also who may feel like I did growing up. My existence is showing someone else, it is possible to do what you love and help others in doing so.

Common Unity

This music video and song embodies what community should be like from the voices of the youth. It is so important for the youth and next generation to be able to use their voice to speak on their experiences and what ideal community and support should look like. It was so powerful to collaborate with them to create this song, and empower one another. This experience taught the youth how to work together on a creative project, uplift each other during the process, and skills for collaboration and creative direction. It is important to provide the space and resources to help the youth bring their vision to life through music they love to make.

The Lion Witch

The Lion Witch represents a symbolic story between a wounded lion and a witch who has to tame the lion to help heal it. Both of these figures historically have been linked to danger and fear. Two beings, although from differing backgrounds and who may have fear towards one another, may actually be able to help each other and nurture one another back to life using trust, and compassion. The creative direction was provided by Venus, the main choreographer and dancer, who portrays the Witch. I worked hard to bring all the ideas Venus had, to life by being intentional with each angle, each scene and showing intimate interactions between the Lion and the Witch.

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